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G,day from Shane owner of Aussie Gem Designs.

Growing up on the central Queensland Gemfields where my parents mined and cut gemstones, I developed a keen interest in gem cutting and jewellery design.

My father John taught me how to cut our precious Sapphires when i was going to high school (a few years ago now).  I have been cutting gemstones ever since as a hobby and fulltime.

I also learnt the art of making jewellery through study and mentors.

Moving forward with technology most of our jewellery is now cad drawn, 3D printed and cast using the lost wax casting.

My wife Jenny and I also mine our own Sapphires.  They are then faceted and are either sold as gemstones or set into custom made jewellery in gold and sterling silver.  Stones can also be purchased loose.

We are located in Rubyvale on the Central Queensland Gemfields

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